Shakespeare Sez Launches



Wherein The Bard of Avon Doth Join the Twitter Wars and Speaks Out on Alternative Facts

‘Tis 400 plus years since Will “shuffled off this mortal coil” and more than four centuries since he penned "Brevity is the Soul of Wit". Now, says he, 
"Brevity is the Soul of (T)wit".

Catapulted (with iambically-pentametric thumbs flying) from the Elizabethan era into the Age of Trump, our Willy clutches his smartphone and dives deep into the twitter fray. He’s drowning in a sea of lies, aka “Alternative Facts”…SAD :-(( But he always wins, as he does have the best words!! And share them he wouldst with the Politerati of the Twitterati.

This veritable popinjay proudly wears his King Edward Stratford School tie (not made in China, or a looong, red tie that is). As the political hurly-burly o’ertakes him, his mind is not at ease. So, he fiercely tweets and tweets (@shakespearsez) and snaps the occasional selfie.

Will and his Blunt and Bloody Barbs ae emblazoned on satirical stuffe to bring a wry smile – in these tumultuous times – to Shakespeare lovers and political junkies. Look ye upon our goodly wealth and let merriment abound.

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