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The Bard Doth Tweet

‘Tis more than 400 years since Will “shuffled off this mortal coil” and, miraculously, he’s been transported from the Elizabethan era into the 21st century! Clutching a smartphone (and with iambically-pentametric thumbs flying), he’s madly tweeting his beloved quotes. More than four centuries ago, he penned the immortal phrase "Brevity is the Soul of Wit". Now: “Brevity is the Soul of (T)wit".

Nattily attired, amidst cool, anachronistic props, he’s even snapping selfies with his new selfie stick. And, the wags at Shakespeare Sez have turned these into funne and merrie stuffe for the literati of the twitterati to enjoy, flaunt and wow their over-educated friends. But in sooth, our poor Will’s mind is not at ease in this frenzied world. What to do what to do? Shopping always helps.


2 buy/nt 2 buy dat iz da ?

A troubling dilemma.

Prithee… Buy!